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A post Covid makeup routine

Navigating your makeup routine through covid and back into normal life.

It has been a loooooooooooooooooooooonng 18 months, for so many reasons. All of the feels, moments, non moments, heartbreaks, pivots, frustrations.. there’s been lots of things to navigate.

And as we stripped back what our lives were, stepping away from the super busy & all of the things, so we also did with our makeup. Our full coverage foundations have gathered dust as we replaced them with good skin care and a BB cream.

Once everyone realised that investing in their skin meant they didn’t need to apply so much makeup, routines changed for the long term.

But now, as we step out of our lockdowns with a new approach to our makeup routines, where does one start to build a routine for themselves knowing what they know?

It's about finding impact on the areas that feels good for them. 

If skin and having the most amazing glossy, glowy and healthy skin is the priority, then invest in a foundation or skin product that allows your skin to still be seen but being performance driven to last all day.

As a makeup artist I know that the sheerer the coverage on a product, the less likely it is to last all day long. So to ensure it lasts, its always been my teachings to build great foundations under your actual foundation ha. 

Continue to focus on good skin care, using a great primer (wink wink) and find a foundation that SUITS YOU. I implore you to not go with what others are doing when looking for a foundation, rather assess:

- what skin you have

- what hold are you wanting (sheer/natural, medium or long wear which is grippy)

- coverage

- finish (glowy, satin (a mix of both) or matte)

- budget

Essentially, what I am trying to educate you on is to decide what’s important to you, what will look good for what you are wanting and where you want your focus to be on. If its your brows, invest in that; if its your lips then go find colours and finishes that work amazing for what you want.

And ultimately, what it all comes back to is simply asking yourself first, deciding what you want and not seeking validation or direction by someone who doesn’t know you. If you approach a business, brand or expert its wonderful to go in there knowing YOU and let them work around what you are looking for, rather then them recommending something that will kit their KPI or something they like.

Its so important to me and the business that we put the control and the knowledge in your hands, so its not about sales or power but simply ensuring that what you put on your face and spend your money on is consciously chosen and results in you feeling incredible in your own skin.

Which is why our educational platform is such a big part of what we do. We have makeup tutorials and product education on our website and Youtube but furthering on from there, with every primer purchase you also get access to my hugely successful educational videos. But even better from that, if you spend over $200 or purchase our Primer subscription you gain access to my complete Back to Basics Masterclass program, so from the comfort of your own home you can apply along with me, learn all about your face shapes and all the makeup techniques to give you the most amazing education on how to apply makeup for what you want. 

Coming Holme to you is our ethos, so if there’s one thing I can impress on you from this article is to take what you have learnt since Covid started, remind yourself on what’s important to who you are & how you represent that and back yourself with knowledge.

We are here to support you with that journey and cant wait for you to walk on wobbly legs into the big wide world once more knowing that at least, you can do so representing who you are and what’s important to you a little more clearly.

So much love to you, Hilary x

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