Holme Beauty is the creation of renowned makeup artist and educator, Hilary Holmes. Holme Beauty is a gift to you, a line of product designed to make you feel your very best- to allow you to Back Your Beauty.

Holme Beauty exists as an extension of self, a series of multi-use products formulated to be used exactly the way you wish to use them. Holme Beauty isn’t about colouring within the lines. Each product is universal, allowing you to explore and self-discover through beauty and be unapologetically you. One of the joys of beauty is the art of the ritual, and Holme Beauty exists to work seamlessly into your routine. Make Holme Beauty part of a ritual that feels authentic to you- a routine that feels like home.

Hilary’s journeys with both beauty and confidence have long been inextricably linked, with Hilary first turning to makeup in Year 12 as a means of seeking approval. In time, that approach shifted to a desire to seek approval only from herself and find power in a look that was uniquely hers and, today, Hilary’s approach to makeup comes down to one thing alone- its ability to guide others to own all of themselves and feel incredible in their own skin.

Through Holme Beauty, Hilary is turning the cosmetics industry on its head, gifting the beauty consumer with both the tools and the transformative powers held by a makeup artist with 12 years of artistry experience in both the United Kingdom and Australia. In 2016, Hilary opened the very first Hilary Holmes studio in Geelong, launching the Hilary Holmes South Melbourne HQ three years later. It was here that Hilary began her eponymous Masterclass Program.

Education is paramount to Hilary Holmes Makeup and, in turn, Holme Beauty. Not content with making her clients feel beautiful and powerful for just one day or an evening, Hilary chooses to empower her clients to back their own beauty through the power of education.

The Hilary Holmes Masterclass Program was founded in 2016 upon the understanding that no two faces are the same, and what makes one person feel beautiful will differ from the man or woman beside them. Consumers were once taught by magazines, led only by the shapes and colourings of models and celebrities. Hilary works to teach each person their own face, their own colours, their own tones, putting power in the client’s hands. No one knows you better than you, and both Holme Beauty and Hilary Holmes Makeup exist to help you back your beauty, and give you the skills and the tools to do so with confidence. Holme Beauty isn’t about being told what we should and shouldn’t look like. It’s about feeling your best- and feeling like you.

Hilary’s education program exists to support each individual learning style, each face, and each approach to makeup, ensuring all participants leave with a renewed sense of self confidence and an understanding that true beauty lies within our differences.

The same sentiment applies to Holme Beauty. Beauty should be fun, not intimidating, and the joy of makeup application should live in the process as much as it does the finished product. Hilary has worked to develop each product with you in mind, taking the mystery out of makeup application and replacing it with an opportunity for play and self discovery. Founded in 2021 and created in Australia, Holme Beauty combines truly high-performance products with a sense of fun and self expression. Holme Beauty is driven by performance, with each ingredient carefully considered and selected for not only its appearance on the skin and its ability to help you create your own look, but also for its effect on the health of the skin. Holme Beauty is about bringing out the best in you, and that doesn’t stop at your makeup.


Let Holme Beauty be your voice when you can’t find yours. Holme beauty is changing the voice in beauty, standing for you, standing for change.

Holme Beauty is about coming Holme to you.