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What a day to celebrate! The back bone of Australia and the essence of so many homes.
To own a small business is one that I don’t think is celebrated enough. So you can imagine my joy in a day that is dedicated to acknowledging how we can all directly & positively impact so many families in our country.
Its a very unspoken thing in owning business, for what you see is glamour, freedom of working for another and calling the shots but what information you aren’t super privy too is just how little small business owners make or get in exchange for their business.
Most run on a loss most of the time, don’t pay themselves a salary, work way in excess of a standard 38 hour week and feel a huge burden of the pressure to perform and make the right call.
But then, you ask, Why do they do it?
It's called love my loves.
It's a deep passion for what they are doing, its knowing they have a gift and wanting to share that joy with others. It's more than money, hours.. it's a legacy. It's knowing that they can leave their mark on this world and have meaning to their day.
Those emails of gratitude, reviews, comments on posts, visits to the workspace to say hello, the lovely word of mouth recommendations.. all of it drives us all forward.
Owning a small business may not be for everyone and it certainly isn’t, but a day like today when we can directly acknowledge small businesses and the passion & love they have put into their offering.. AMEN I am gonna do that and I hope you do.
Sales are all ending in the next 12-24 hours.. lets go my loves!!!

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