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Hilary's Life Update

Hilary's Life Update

Well, I would say "Happy 2024," but it's already March! Time has flown by so quickly.

I hope this message finds you well, settled into the rhythm of the year with some accomplishments already achieved and having taken some moments for deep breaths and relaxation.

This year has been incredibly eventful for me and HB so far, and I find myself constantly filled with gratitude for the work we're doing. Personally, this year marks a new chapter for me as a businesswoman, one that involves having a child in school! And, boy, was I mistaken in thinking it would be easier. Now, Ben and I are navigating the challenges of much shorter days, curriculum days, sports activities, and everything in between. Running a business has become significantly harder, and although many have tread this path before me, juggling HB, managing a household, and having kids in different stages of schooling (kindergarten and school) is quite the challenge.

Especially since I'm also deepening my personal work. Finding time for myself amid it all may be my biggest challenge yet, but the rewards bring such abundance. My goals this year were centered around holistic health, after 8 years of relatively average health. I've been cold plunging daily since January 1st, cleansing sporadically, practicing affirmations/mantras, being mindful of the language I use (read: being less negative and more grateful), reading books once again, and pushing myself to wake up before dawn for my rituals.

I'm definitely not perfect and still face many small distractions that hinder my growth, but I continue to show up. The old Hilary won't stand in the way of the authentic Hilary!

From a business perspective, things may have seemed quiet, but that's only because we've been working incredibly hard behind the scenes for what's to come this year. Just you wait!

I've just returned from a significant 3-week trip to LA, China, and Bali. One leg was for business growth, another for manufacturing, and the last for marketing and shooting the campaign for an upcoming product launch with Chloe Fisher, who was just announced as its ambassador.

We also launched our candle, which smells divine and looks incredible in your home! It's been wonderful to hear people's interpretations of it, especially since it's called "Sunday Clean" and not described by its note qualities.

We'll be having one more mini-launch very soon before a bigger one in just a month, and then we'll continue to roll out launches for the rest of the year.

I hope you're as excited as we are!

Much love, Hilary

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