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The Why

The Why

By Hilary Holmes

I wouldn’t say that much of life, up until now has been very predictable and for so much of it I haven’t had the slightest clue on what I’m doing. But as we age we recognise that’s just the way it goes!

What I have known though, for quite some time, is my purpose with my career. 

The “Why”. 

What gets me up out of bed on the mornings I’m exhausted, what reminds me when I’ve had a tough week of why I do what I do and what impacts every decision I make with the business.

It started to weave its way through me all those years ago, working on makeup counters and seeing women time and time again feeling intimidated by the shopping environment, the heavy makeup looks and the shitty culture of “we are cooler than you”. 

That feeling I know they had always resonated with me because, even though I was in the very world they were intimidated by, I was always reminded that I wasn’t the cool girl, the skinny one or the financially well off one. That I too wasn’t worthy.

So I decided all those years ago that I didn’t want to keep on trying to fit into a world that didn’t excite  or accept me and I wanted to work with clients who needed to be reminded that maybe they didn’t have to either.

I wanted to work with clients who, they too needed to know that they too didn’t have to try and be cool, skinny, well off, edited, curated and perfect. That it just wasn’t realistic and also, it wasn’t REAL. No person on this earth has their shit together and it was time I started to show  that in all of that imperfect, was perfect.

And essentially, the lesson that constantly resurfaces in my career and personal life is that its not others that I need to validate my worthiness, but its me. 

It’s time we come home to ourselves and recognise the only person we need to impress, inspire, motivate, work hard for, love and nurture is ourselves.

So what exactly is my ‘Why”? 

I want to change the way the beauty industry impacts people’s belief systems. I want them to take back the control on who decides on how they feel about themselves, on how they view themselves.

For too long we have been told we are not good enough, well I am here to tell you all that the only person who can tell you that is you. And when you truly come home to yourself you know that you are absolutely good enough. In fact, you’re perfect.

I want to welcome you Holme, in all the ways. 

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