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Lips, like most other body parts have always been a trend.. big, full, textured, smooth etc. But we stand for not making our bodies a trend! We stand for embracing the very bodies we have and showing them off, knowing we are perfect in exactly who we are.

There is no denying that juicy lips are sexy lips and we know that using multi dimensional tones on the lips really create beautiful shapes and enhance the look of them. Here’s our tips on showing of the mouth you have:

Step 1: After finishing your makeup, ensure you have powdered over the lips to take away any moisture on their that may impact the colours stability and durability.

Step 2: Using a lipliner slightly darker than the desired lip colour, draw around the edge of the lip line. A big tip is to start the inner corners of the mouth line from the inside and take it to the outside, rather than following the lower natural lip line you already have. This will create more of a pout!

Step 3. Shade into the lip as much as you like using the lipliner. If you are doing nudes or softer tones then only do it naturally and leave the centre of the lip free of lip liner. If you are wearing a bold tone then cover the lip in the liner.

Step 4. Apply your desired lip products on top. For a natural finish we love just using the Holme Beauty lipglosses on top, for hydration and a beautiful tone but for a more longer lasting lip then apply lipstick on top and then either leave for a more matte/satin finish or gloss on top of lipstick to give the juiciest, sexiest lip.

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