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How to - Makeup for a long weekend

Going away for a long weekend always involves lots of fun, mostly family driven activities and day adventures with the occasional night time frivolity. With that, requires packing a makeup bag that is not only multifaceted, but also multi-toned so that you can maximise the looks that you create out of a smaller edited bag. 

The focus for long weekends and weekends away, should always be on products that are multi-use. Which is why Holme Beauty exists, to give people the ability to develop looks differently around the product they are using and why Hilary designed the products to be multi-use.

How to get the best look for a long weekend. 

It’s all about that luxe luminous day skin that requires minimal effort and input because after all we want to spend as much time enjoying the long weekend and not focusing too much on what we look like.  

To make sure there is minimal time put in to getting a really beautiful look, you can’t go wrong with the primer, concealer, a bit of blush, even just using a one eyeshadow matte mid-tone eyeshadow. (or If you don’t have that, use your bronzer all over the eyelid and sweeping up through the crease)  

Hilary’s top tips for best way of doing this: 

  • Use an eyeshadow palette that would have more than one shaded tone in it. so whether it’s not just pinks, not just browns, orange is not as bright as having something that gives a lot of different colours in it. 
  • Choose a couple of different lip colours to take with you to work with the eyeshadow palette.
  • Keep things neutral with your blushes and bronzers. 
  • Make sure you’ve packed sunscreen! Pop on your sunscreen between your moisturiser and your primer. You’ll be out in the sun and enjoying the activities of the weekend - don’t forget to reapply. 
  • Having the Holme Beauty Primer with a little concealer will allow you to wear that during the day and easily move to a heavier Glam or nighttime look as you can use a medium coverage foundation to give that finish.
  • Don’t forget to take the setting spray and a translucent powder, perfect for transition from daytime to nighttime makeup or to give you glow all day long!  

Taking your Look from daytime to nighttime: 

  • Absolutely add a brown or black eyeliner and wedging it out on the outer corners allows you to get lift and definition. 
  • Swipe some more mascara - Hilary loves an eye lash primer to create fullness. 
  • Changing up the lip colour for the easiest impact for a long weekend look when your wanting to look really great but you don’t want to spend heaps of time doing your make up, 
  • Hilary recommends changing to a red lip. “Red lips will allow you to have the most impact and always get the many compliments, and a great way of creating that beautiful long weekend look without spending a lot of time at make up bench.” 

From myself the Holme Beauty team, We hope that you have the most amazing long weekend doing whatever uplifts you and feels good for you and hanging out with your family or your sacred family. 

Much love,

Hilary x

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