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The whole fam has finally come Holme!

The whole fam has finally come Holme!


When I launched Bang primer 18 months ago I knew it was only the beginning. Not just for the brand, but also for the shade offering. I was as transparent then as I am now about how much more the brand has got to do to be fully inclusive. I have been open about how the brand is self funded and with that means launching with limited colours and expanding as we grow.

I have been open about what work Holme Beauty has to do, to show up as a fully inclusive brand. Not just in tone but in representation through our marketing and conversation. I don't even want to have to talk about it, to be completely frank with you, I think it should just be apart of everyones offering BUT I know my clients and I know who aren't our clients. Women of colour have never had trust in the Australia beauty industry, and why should they. It's only in the overseas brands have they found their shades and their skin colour staring back at them.

So I know it will take some time, a whole lot of patience and consistency and a big chat for them to know we are here.

Finally I know our cult fave primer is now available for all skin tones!

And whilst the tones are there and we are talking about them, I really wanted to lean into a specific message for the launch of the 3 new shades.. uniqueness.

At any shade there is judgement on uniqueness and something I have found over my years listening and watching people in my chair and at masterclasses, is that the very things that are unique about us are most likely the quality we have hated we have for most of our life. Not because we came out into the world with that feeling but because everyone else made it a thing.

When I was younger and even to this day my "bigness" has been my most judged quality. My body size, my voice volume and my personality intensity. But its those very qualities that have given me the ability to speak my truth, create space for and stand up for what I believe.

So many qualities you had growing up may have been the thing you were bullied or ridiculed for.. big brows, gappy teeth, skin tone, curves, hair colour etc. But as we grow it's those very qualities that we may learn to realise how they set us apart and sometimes even become what we are known for. Our once weakness becomes our strength.

I always say in masterclass, that unless we are going to go get a face transplant, we are always going to live in the face we have, so rather than wishing it was something else, wanting it to change or speaking negatively to it every day- to instead own it, embrace it and celebrate it. After all, it's not the prettiest person in the room that catches the light, it's the person who walks in fully in their body and owning all of it, at whatever stage it is in. Now that is beauty.

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