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Welcome to our new Holme Beauty space, here virtually!

Welcome to our new Holme Beauty space, here virtually!

I am so happy that we have come to a point in the Holme Beauty journey to announce that the already very successful and always sold out Hilary Holmes Masterclass Program is now officially exclusively accessible from Holme Beauty!


But now, having had 18 months in the business, we are ready to slow things down and get the things developed quickly and as best we could, cleaned up.


And the website was one of the first things to get done! Finally we are able to have things we didn’t have before and some flow issues are now ironed out. 


Better than ever, refilmed, rebooted, created with more care & off the back of the 7 years experience I have had with running the classes since the beginning of my salon career. We are now offering both the in studio classes based from Holme HQ in South Melbourne, Victoria and for those that aren't able to make it to us physically, a thoroughly thought out online class.


When I launched Holme Beauty, under a cloud of tough restrictions in Covid times, it meant everything was done with limited capabilities. I wasn’t able to shoot content as freely and as easily, access to vendors and contractors to help develop was tough and there was no meeting in person so it was really hard for a kinesthetic human like myself to communicate!


The outcomes for that were enough, we got the spectacular primer to market and we were off. Then we really took off! And in 2022 we were a big ball of reactionary responses to ensure we got all the product launches out and worked day to day. It was learning and working quite literally on the go!


There are so many reasons why someone might not be able to make it to the in studio classes.. distance, social anxieties, they might be a better learner in their own space over their own time or just because the online class gives unlimited, ongoing access. 


I have sung my passion for running these classes and the education behind our brand loudly. There is no point buying makeup if you dont know how to use it and most importantly, there is no point either if you don't know your own face and how to apply to it!


So much of the key messages myself and Holme Beauty have centre around changing the narrative you have been fed for your whole lives.. that you arent pretty enough, cool enough and that you need to emulate someone else’s beauty- therefore being told to recreate someone else’s beauty standard. this has to change!! And it starts right here. By knowing who you are and how you want to represent yourself through makeup, I can support you through this educational platform to know how to apply TO YOU. 


I truely believe this education is fundamental and I prioritise it over all else because, its time when you buy makeup you buy it based on your knowing of who you are and how you want to feel. And then when its in your hot little hands, you can confidently apply it, instead of it sitting quietly unused in your makeup bag because you dont know what to do with it.



I really hope that this unique way of teaching really changes peoples perceptions of themselves, so they can truely own and love the very face they are in. After all, we have one life and one face. We either hate it or choose, instead to own & love it and if its the later (I truly hope so) then, lets go!


I really hope that everyone sees the power of these classes and what we are trying to do here at Holme Beauty. It goes so much deeper than product and looking good.


Hilary x

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