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A huge starting point with this is, before applying the highlighter, is knowing your face shape!

If you have a narrow face the idea is to place the highlights to the outer areas of the face to expand the space out wider and if you’re a wide face then the focus should be more highlighting down the length of your face, otherwise if you stack it wide you’ll just be making your face wider.

Step 1. Assess your face and work out what you are trying to achieve.. if you are wanting to widen your narrow face then aim to apply highlighter on the top of cheek bone, on brow bone just under the eye brow hair at the tail. If you have a wide face then focusing on the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and inner corner of the eye. (feel free to do all of it too!)

Step 2. If you are using our Liquid Highlight then ensure you apply when you have yet to set your face. If you are using a powder then apply after you have set.

Step 3. For a really intense highlight when using powders (great for on the inner corner & on the lid) spray the setting spray onto the brush once the highlighter powder is on there.

Step 4. Once applied, set by spraying the face with the setting spray and fanning til dry.

Step 5. Glow the day away!

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